John Hectic, the "Hectic" serving as an acronym Hard, Effort, Creative, Thinking, Initiates Character. Formally one half of London HipHop Duo Double H (Hard Hitters). coming from humble beginnings rapping since a young age and officially making music for a few years, it's evident that he's spent a lot of time and effort in mastering his craft. Determined and ambitious , with a line of street wear/merchandise for his Deal wiv it brand, a media group in the works and also the main face of AYO clothing's 9JA hats, this two times Beffta nominated mc takes a very self reliant entrepreneurial approach to his endeavours in the industry.

Being the main driving force behind the Duos (Double H) critical acclaim the rapper/producer embarks on a solo journey with aspirations and the capability to be one of the UK's elite on the Urban Scene. Releasing viral after viral building a strong internet presence with his witty thought provoking wordplay and hard hitting beats this Cuban born, London raised, Nigerian Mc is definitely a force to be reckoned with.